Mountain Tours

Experience the thrill of climbing a via ferrata, and immerse yourself in the alpine environment of the Dolomite Mountains. Protected by cables, you’ll ascend ladders, climb through tunnels, and walk across suspended bridges, following the same routes used by the military in WWI!

Via ferrata literally means “iron path,” originating from the metal ladders used by the military to navigate these mountains during the First World War. While most of the ferrata have been replaced with newer hardware, they follow the same routes the military used, high into the mountains. Completely protected, attached to a system of anchored cables, you’ll climb up rock walls, across ledges, and over high passes, learning valuable mountain safety skills along the way.

The sheer magnitude of the Dolomite Mountains is hard to comprehend from the ground. But climbing via Ferrata offers a unique way to enjoy these magnificent mountains. Protected on a rock wall high above the valley floor, you will be stopped in your tracks by amazing views that give you access to vistas usually reserved for mountaineers!

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